Mermaid OOAK Dolls


Mermaid Doll Art and Dolls By V.VanVelzen/Bohemian Mermaid

I have works like these in private collections all over the world and United States, I ultilize certain dolls, for my work


sizes ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches in the repaints(OOAK) one of a kind. I also offer cloth, mermaids, each one has a unique personality, and design. I use Tonner, Dollfie and Jakks to create my designs. All items pictured are copywrite V.VanVelzen/Bohemian Mermaid. Please enjoy the pictures of the dolls. But use for any other purpose, or other websites is strictly prohibited. Thank You kindly. I do take special orders, also I have works of Art Displayed in Tuvalu, Laguna Beach, Ca, Laguna Beach is home to Artists. I have been a doll Artist for over 20 years, and creating is my passion.

Custom Jakks Pacific Doll Mermaids Body Sculpt

$ 50.00 USD

These are 12 inches, Face Repaint, hair style and Mermaid Body Sculpt, Complete on Base with shells, and ocean Design, Please specify Hair Color, Body Color scheme, and posistion, for doll to be made, I have sold over 200 of these dolls in the last twenty years. Great Art Pieces,

Bohemian Mermaid Art Studio(c)

Shipping USA-$20.00

All Other Countries-$60.00

Polymer Sculpt 5 Inch Mermaid Dolls

$ 15.00 USD

These Dolls are on a small Round Base, Polymer Sculpt, 5 inches,Please specify Hair Color, and body color, when ordering, as well what posistion you want her in, laying down, sleeping, sitting, they are accented with moss, pearls and shells.

bohemian mermaid art stduio(c)

Shipping USA-$6.00

All other Countries-$35.00


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