Dollhouse Dolls

Dollhouse Doll Steampunk Girl Polymer Clay

$ 13.00 USD

Steampunk Girl Polymer Clay Sculpt Dollhouse Doll 1.12 Scale 6 inches

please specify hair color, and color scheme, these come with top hats


Shipping $4.95 USA

all Other Countries-$30.00


My Dollhouse Dolls

Some Are Porcelain and Some Are polymer Sculpt, Original Designs By Valarie Pacheco/bohemian mermaid art studio(c)all Dolls Skeletons,ghouls witches, vampires, mermaids, fairies, design and concept/ is copywrite Valarie Pacheco/bohemian mermaid, bohemian mermaid art studio(c)dollsbyrhiannon/the rastamermaid/any reproduction of my work is prohibited, do not reproduce my product on Ebay, Estsy or any other Venue, any in part or whole of my name is also copywrited/and do not use. If anyone is copying my work, cease and desist, and will prosecute to the full extent of the law. Enjoy the work, my work is for sale on Ebay and This Site, all Dolls, Concept, style, is copywrite/Valarie Pacheco/bohemian mermaid art studio(c)

Anne Boleyn Dollhouse Doll

$ 18.00 USD

Anne Boleyn Dollhouse Doll, Long Dark Auburn Hair, Porcelain Dressed in Tudor Clothing, with Pearl Necklace with B, Please specify Color of Clothing when ordering

Shipping USA-$4.95

All Other Countries-$30.00


Costumed Period Dress Dollhouse Dolls

$ 13.00 USD

Redhead/Costumed, Colonial,Victorian,Elizabethan, Gilded aged, Medieval, Gypsy, Ect

Please Specify, This head style, 6 inches tall, 1.12 scale

$4.95 shipping USA

all Other Countries-$30.00

Poseable doll

Dollhouse Children,Grannies, All Styles

$ 12.00 USD

Please Specify, which doll, Boy, Girl, Granny, or Maid, Modern or Victorian

1.12 scale, 6 inches, grannies and maid, children, 4 1/5 to 5 inches

shipping USA-$4.95

All Other Countries-$30.00

Based 12.00/unbased posebale, 11.00

Dollhouse Victorian Men Dollhouse Dolls

$ 15.00 USD

Head Varies, Porcelain, 1.12 Scale 6 inches, please specify suit color, Black, Brown, Grey, Blue, ect

shipping $6.00-USA

All Other Countries $30.00


Tudor Dollhouse Dolls,Anne Boleyn Style

$ 15.00 USD

1.2 scale 6 inches

Tudor Style Dollhouse Dolls

Please specify Dress Color when ordering, each doll has long dark brown hair, this face style.

period correct costume

Shipping USA-$6.00

All Other Countries-$30.00

Dollhouse Dolls Victorian Brides

$ 14.00 USD

6 inch Dolls, This Face Style

Victorian Weddign Gown and Veil

Hand sewn, detailed

gowns vary, specify any other details when ordering,

Shipping USA-$6.00

All Other Countries-$30.00

Dollhouse Dolls Gypsies Porcelain 1.12 scale

$ 12.00 USD

Porcelain Dollhouse dolls Gypsies, Head varies, 1.12 scale, 6 inches, poseable

please specify color scheme for costume, 

shipping USA-$4.95

All other Countries-$30.00

Dollhouse Ghosts, Witches, Creepy, Kids, Adults

$ 11.00 USD

Porcelain, head,limbs, feet, please specify, which doll, head style,faces vary, materials vary, specify, Victorian or Modern

1.12 scale, 4 1/2 to 6 inches tall

Shipping USA-$4.95

All Other Countries-$30.00


Dollhouse Fairies On Base 6 inches

$ 13.00 USD

Face Varies, Polymer Clay Sculpt

1.12 scale 6 inches, for fairy scenes and fairy houses

specify color scheme when ordering, wing color, hair color

shipping usa-$6.00

all other countries-$30.00

Dollhouse Dolls Fancy Victorian Gilded Age

$ 20.00 USD

Dollhouse Dolls 1.12 Scale 6 inches

Gilded Age Victorian, Please specify dress Color, Head style vairies, 

shipping USA-$6.00

All Other Countries-$30.00

Victorian Dollhouse Ladies 6 inches

$ 14.00 USD

Victorian Dressed Ladies, Head Varies, Porcleain, Limbs and Head, 

Please specify Color Scheme for Gown


Shipping-$6.00 USA

All Other Countries-$30.00


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